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Creative Crafting Adventures: April Crafts for Kids

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Ah, April – a time of renewal, of growth, and of endless crafting possibilities! With a heart full of excitement and a mind buzzing with ideas, I dive into this month's crafting adventures. From transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art to infusing my surroundings with the magic of handmade beauty, each project fills me with a sense of joy and fulfillment. So, my fellow crafty friends, let's join forces and embark on this April journey together. With laughter as our guide and creativity as our compass, let's make memories that will last a lifetime!

US and Art is so excited to teach each of these crafts to out students on Saturdays from 10-12. Our day camps include a painting and a craft. this blog explains the step by step instructions for a few of these crafts and painting.

April Crafts For Kids

Create a peak a boo chick in an egg, 3D painting. This craft is a blast for elementary kids, and is also easy for preschool ages.

Super fun interactive art creation involving dripping water onto a canvas like rain. Easy for all ages, and can be adapted for all abilities.

Learn about how art surrounds you while you explore the outdoors and collect different elements to create an artistic masterpiece.

Lets explore Barbie and Tayler Swift while we add pink to all of our crafting and painting adventures.

Worried about the mess in your house? Leave it with US and Art!

US and Art has art and craft day camps every Saturday from 10-12 in the morning. These spring crafts for kids will all take place at the studio during April. They're perfect for celebrating Easter, warm or rainy days, barbie, and everything else you encounter in Spring.

US and Art crafting camps during March 2024. Spring holiday crafts for kids.

Elaborate Eggs

Supplies Needed

  • bubble wrap

  • acrylic paint

  • canvas


Step-by-Step Process

Tissue Paper Watercolor Egg. Crafts for Kids. Easy easter crafts. DIY egg craft for kids
Tissue Paper Watercolor Egg
  1. Cut watercolor paper into the shape of an egg, then trace this egg on your canvas.

  2. Paint your background (sky and grass) around the traced shape which will become our main egg.

  3. Cut out a small circle of bubble wrap and paint it yellow (or whatever color you want your chick) stamp this into the center of the egg. you can add wings or legs now as well. Place to the side to dry.

  4. Take your egg shaped watercolor paper and a bunch of crate paper squares. paint water onto the watercolor paper and then place the crate paper in a design on top. Paint water on top of each crate paper as well. Place to the side to dry for 10 minutes.

  5. Bringing the now dried canvas, add any details to the painting (small hidden eggs or chicks in the background, birds in the sky, trees, etc.) as well as the googly eyes and painted beak to your bubble wrap chick.

  6. After 10+ minutes peel off the crate paper from the watercolor egg. It should leave a design of color on your egg. Poke a hole in the center of this egg and peel a small amount.

  7. Then glue ONLY the edges of this egg onto your canvas painting. Continue to peel back the paper from the whole to show the small chick inside!

April Showers

Supplies Needed

  • Toilet Paper rolls

  • Elmers glue

  • Colored tissue paper

  • Markers


Step-by-Step Process

  1. Draw a flower stem and leaves, only include the center of the flower, not the pedals.

  2. Fold your toilet paper in half vertically. Cut it into 1/2 inch circles.

  3. Glue the toilet paper circles around the flower as pedals. Then add Elmer glue to the center and add color into the center of each pedal.


Step-by-Step Process

Natures Canvas

Supplies Needed


Step-by-Step Process


Step-by-Step Process

Better in Pink

Supplies Needed

Step-by-Step Process


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