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Meet The Team

emily with students.jpg

Emily Hammerstad

Owner / Teacher

- Blue Brushes

- Elites

Hi! My name is Emily Hammerstad. My students call me Miss Emily. I have run this studio for 6 years now! I love working with children. I decided to open up Unicorns sprinkles and ART (US and ART) so I could continue working with children and teach them something I am passionate about. Multiple studies have shown the importance of being creative. It has a unique effect on our physical and emotional bodies. I believe the entrepreneurs of tomorrow are the creative minds of today. Some of my other favorites include: Visiting Disneyland, reading and writing books, and anything involving glitter!


Mikaela Cannon

Elite's director / Teacher

- Drawing

- Watercolor

- Private classes

My name is Mikaela Cannon! I'm originally from Iowa. My favorite hobbies are anything outdoors including hiking, camping,  boating, throwing a frisbee around, spike-ball, pickle-ball, and volleyball! I also love to sing, play the piano, and listen to good music. I have my BA in art education and have been with US and ART for 2 years! I'm especially passionate about drawing, painting, printmaking (glorified stamps), bookbinding, and ceramics! I believe everyone has something special to contribute to the world if they are bold and embrace the learning process!

Miss Katie.jpg

Katie Vest

Events director / Teacher 

- Pre-school

- Pink Painters

- Amber Artists

- Digital art (Private lessons)

Hi! I'm Katie Vest. I'm from Orem, Utah and have lived here my whole life. I love warm weather and anything outside or that involves being on water. My favorite places in the world are Bryce Canyon and Disneyland! I love working with watercolors and creating Digital Art. Creativity and imagination are some of the most important things to me and I love that fact that I get to encourage the kids to stay creative and let their minds take their art wherever they want to go. I love sharing my passion for art and watching my students grow.


Mariam Delima

Teacher / Bi-lingual (Espanol)

- Crimson Creators

- Amber Artists


Hey. My name is Mariam. My favorite art is Photography and drawing. 

I love creating new memories and spending time with family and friends. I also love traveling and meeting new people. I have wanted to become a fashion designer since I was 12 years old. I was born in Mexico City and speak Spanish fluently. I love taking care of others and being able to participate in teaching kids how to draw, I have over 3 years of experience teaching children and recently graduated with a digital media degree.

AnnaBelle McKinnon_edited.jpg

AnnaBelle McKinnon


- Pink Painters

- Amber Artists

Hi! My name is AnnaBelle. I am currently the Miss Orem second attendant. I have been involved in the arts since I was 5 and have never left. I am a Musical Theater student at UVU, and I am the founder of Stage for Everyone, my adaptive needs theater program. I love everything art and love being able to share it with others, and I am so excited to share it here!

Art class inside of studio


Jacob Perazzo

Unicorns Sprinkles and ART was such a wonderful experience for our boy. He loved being able to create and express himself. The end Gala is put together in such a wonderful way and celebrates their great art and learning. I would highly recommend for any kid.

Lauren Myrick

We love the art classes at US and Art! My daughter has loved this creative outlet, and it has been such a positive experience for her. She has an amazing teacher, and we have been thrilled with our experience here!

Stephanie Whitlock

My two girls (ages 4 and 6) love Miss Emily’s art class! They are bouncing with excitement every week when I pick them up and can’t wait to tell me what they did in class. It’s been such a good experience and ignited the artistic fire in them

Brianna Nelson

We LOVE Unicorns Sprinkles and ART!! My daughter has been attending art classes here for over a year and every time a new semester starts she begs to do it again. Emily puts so much time and energy into these classes and her students. She works hard to build each student up and help them feel confident in their own abilities. She also hosted a painting party for my daughter’s 10th birthday at our house. It was the best party ever! All the kids loved it! I can’t say enough good things about Emily and Unicorns Sprinkles and ART. You should definitely sign your child up for classes. They will love it!

art teacher assistant Avry

Avry Newbold

Class assistant

Hey! My name is Avry Newbold. I have always enjoyed doing art since I was a little kid. Some of my favorite art mediums include watercolor, drawing, and ceramics. I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, skiing, and playing video games. I find it amazing how one can express themself through their art

art teacher assistant Charlie

Charlie Hatch

Class assistant

Charlie is new to the studio this semester and has already made quite an impact. Our students love her vibrant personality and her fun earrings. She is involved in theater, plays the cello, and was a Girl Scout in her younger days. She is great at connecting with kids and we love having her on our team!


Destiny McHugh

Class Assistant

Hello, my name is Destiny McHugh! I was born in Spokane Washington but raised in Utah. I have been doing art since I could pick up a pencil. My favorite art is animation, surrealism, and manga. I have tried all different forms of media from painting to digital and even clay, but my favorite will always be pencil and paper. I am very passionate about the animation style because my personality is very imaginative and kid-like. My experience with working with kids has been mostly kids with autism, FAS, and juvenile bipolar disorder. 

Art teacher assistant.jpg

Melissa Cook

Class Assistant

My name is Melissa Cook, I have been studying various art mediums for years. My speciality is mainly in pencil drawing and digital art but I love painting with watercolor and acrylic as well. I have been drawing and painting since I was young and love spreading my love for art. I am most passionate about creating fun character illustrations. In my free time I also like gardening, reading webcomics, and playing games. 



KaLee has been a teacher for 15 years and is wonderful to work with. We can't wait for you to meet her! Her bio will be coming soon!

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