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Elite's 10-17 years

2024-2025 team Registration OPEN!
August 21, 2024-May 2025
Wednesdays 6-7:30
Call Emily 801-835-2448 For any additional questions

Wednesdays 6-7:30PM
24 week course
$240 a month for 9 months
Includes course, materials, travel, ect.*
Choose Affirm or Afterpay at checkout to pay in portions

Does your teen love Art more than anything? Do they need a creative outlet? Would they love to have a community of peers who also love art? 12 Week Art course for 10-17 year olds. 

Unlike ANY of our other courses this class travels as part of their curriculum!* Picture this as their Advanced team!

This class is designed for students who want to dive deep into the arts. Students will be exposed to multiple mediums and work towards individual growth. They will be taught techniques and go through different ways to implement these techniques into their artwork.

-1 hour each week
-All tools provided
-Aprons included
-Acrylic Painting
-Instruction on Techniques from certified teachers in each medium
-Positive environment
-Certified US and Art Teachers
-Ends with a national trip!

The price includes your class and class fee's, travel to destination, boarding, Rooms will be shared. *Some exclusions apply. We have done our best to include all of your costs to travel as well as for class. We will be in close contact with any additional information or if the amount changes.

If you have any questions at all please text. (205) 696-8846 (EMILY)

Teen art class, kids art class advanced

2024-2025 STUDENTS:

Aug. 22: Parent Meeting (Mandatory)

2024-2025 Team begins August 2024

Week 1- Parent Meeting (parent bonding activity)
Week 2- Creativity/Get to know you
Week 3- Drawing 
Week 4- Drawing 
Week 5- Drawing 
Week 6-  Breaking down the elements of a painting
Week 7- Local FIELD TRIP
Week 8- Acrylic 
Week 9-  Acrylic 
Week 10- Acrylic 
Week 11-  Acrylic
Week 12- GALA PREP
Mid Semester- Team Party 

Week 13-  Parent Meeting
Week 14- Color Theory
Week 15-  Elements and principles of a painting
Week 16- Watercolor 
Week 17- Watercolor
Week 18- Watercolor
Week 19- Parent Meeting (final details for Spring Trip)
Week 20- Clay
Week 21- Clay
Week 22- Final project

Spring Break  National TRIP

Week 23- Finish any projects for display
Week 24- Prep for Gala

Summer Team BBQ
Strawberry Days Parade

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