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SUMMER registration opens in April

Current course student Gala, April 20


(Traveling Art team for 10-17 year olds)

combination art class, elite painting class - teen art class - learn to paint - how to paint

Elite Artists

Art preschool for kids 3-5 years old

Art Preschool

(3-6 years)

Combination Classes

Our goal is to provide exposure to a variety of mediums to teach more about the creative process. We use acrylic paint, watercolor, crafting supplies, drawing, etc.
kids art class for kids 3-5 years old
painting class for kids 6-8 years old

Pink Painters

(3-5 years)

Amber Artists

(6-8 years)

teen paint class - art class for teens

Blue Brushes

(12-17 years)

kids art class for kids 9-11 years old

Crimson Creators

(9-11 years)

homeschool art class - art class for kids


(5-17 years)


Adult Intro to the Arts

Single Focus Classes

Focusing on creativity first we use one medium to increase your creativity and knowledge in the specific style while encouraging personal growth.
Women painting together_edited.jpg

(Paint, Digital Media, or Drawing)

Acrylic painting - adult art class -  how to paint

Adult Therapeutic

how to draw - art class drawing - adult art class - kid art class