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Building a team is more than just being together

Corporate team building event, Adult art class
painted flowers

(All packages include the supplies needed for painting a masterpiece from start to finish, Aprons, canvas', paint, brushes and guided instruction are all provided, Food is NOT included but may be brought into the studio as part of your event)


SMALL Team building PACKAGE

   2 hour event for 0-16 Team members ($349)


  2 hour event for 17-24 Team members ($397)


  2 hour event for 25-30 Team members ($449)

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Why choose US?

Corporate Events

Elevate Your Corporate Experience with US and Art

🎨 Crafting Masterpieces, Building Teams: Unleash Creativity Together Choose excellence for your corporate event – opt for a watercolor or acrylic painting session where everyone leaves not just with memories, but with their own masterpiece. At US and Art, we don't just create art; we sculpt stronger, more connected teams.

💡 The Power of Creativity: A Mental Health Boost for Teams Research proves that creativity enhances mental health, and at US and Art, we've woven this knowledge into our corporate events. Elevate your team's well-being collectively as we explore the benefits and science of creativity. Our workshops aren't just about painting; they're about building resilient, inspired teams.

⏰ Efficiency Meets Artistry: 2-Hour Workshops Time is of the essence, and so is creativity. Our workshops, led by certified US and Art instructors, seamlessly blend efficiency with artistry. In just 2 hours, your team will not only create art but also weave lasting connections and a renewed sense of purpose.

🌐 Why US and Art?

  • Tailored Creativity: Choose between watercolor and acrylic to suit your team's preferences.

  • Certified Instructors: Guided expertise ensures everyone discovers their inner artist.

  • Proven Well-Being Benefits: Boost mental health as a team while having a blast.

  • Effortless Coordination: We handle the details, leaving you free to enjoy the creative experience.

Make your corporate event a masterpiece of collaboration, innovation, and shared creativity. Choose US and Art – where every brushstroke tells a story of team success! 🚀🖌️

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