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Creative Crafting Adventures: Spring Crafts for Kids

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Hey there, creative souls! As March begins, carrying the promise sunnier days🤞, it's time to sprinkle artistic magic (or should I say glitter) into our daily lives. Join me on this creative crafting adventure throughout March. From shimmering rainbows to static bubbles, we're about to turn our homes into a canvas of imagination. So, grab your art supplies, unleash your creativity, and let's make this March a month filled with personal masterpieces and cherished memories. Get ready to dive into the world of crafting – it's going to be an unforgettable ride.

At US and Art, we've transformed crafting into an immersive and hassle-free experience for you and your little ones. Picture this: a space filled with laughter, creativity, and zero worries about the mess. Our day camps offer not just an escape from the mundane, but a chance to dive into the joy of crafting without stressing over the cleanup. Your kids get to explore their artistic side, create beautiful masterpieces, and you? Well, you get to enjoy the precious moments without the fuss of tidying up afterward. Leave the mess with us, and let's turn crafting into a memory-making adventure!

Spring Crafts For Kids

Dr. Suess Craft - Green Eggs and Art Slime

Incredibly easy craft for preschoolers to adults. You can celebrate Dr.Suess day by reading Green Eggs and Ham and making your own green egg slime! 🥚💚

Glitter is Gold - Personalized Treasure Chests

This craft is perfect for kids who love to collect little treasures! You can design your own personalized treasure chest out of simple household supplies.

Saint Patrick's Day Crafts - Simple Leprechaun Trap

Perfect Saint Patricks Day craft for all ages! Make this craft as simple or complex as you want. Unlimited creativity allowed 🌈☘️

March Mad Scientist Craft - All About Static Electricity (coming soon)

Educational craft for everyone. Play with bubbles and balloons to learn all about static electricity today.

Worried about the mess in your house? Leave it with US and Art!

US and Art has art and craft day camps every Saturday from 10-12 in the morning. These spring crafts for kids will all take place at the studio during March. They're perfect for celebrating Dr. Suess Day, Saint Patricks day, March Mad Scientist,

US and Art crafting camps during March 2024. Spring holiday crafts for kids.

Dr. Suess Craft - Green Eggs and Art Slime

Easy Slime (with Elmer's Slime Activator)

Supplies Needed

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Mix equal parts Elmers Slime Activator with clear Elmers Glue

  2. Fold in 1/2 parts shaving cream to make the slime fluffy.

  3. Fold in a small amount of lotion or essential oils to add to the smell or texture

  4. Mix in green food coloring, glitter, or anything else you choose to add to the slime.

  5. Put it in your plastic easter egg and crack it open for your very own slime egg!

Slime From Scratch

Green eggs and ham craft. Dr. Suess day craft. Slime crafts for kids. Slime green eggs

Supplies Needed From Scratch

  • Shaving creme

  • Elmers glue

  • Liquid laundry starch

  • Food dye of choice

  • maybe: (corn starch, baking soda, lotion, essential oil, contact solution)

  • Any additional decorations (glitter, etc.)

  • Plastic easter egg (for the container)

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Mix equal amounts of shaving creme and Elmers glue in a bowl.

  2. Add a few drops of food coloring and mix until the entire mixture is your desired color.

  3. Add small amounts of liquid starch and mix well until the slime is not too sticky.

  4. Add any additional add ons like glitter, essential oils, or lotion to add to the texture, or smell.

  5. Put the finished slime into your plastic egg or other container and let it sit!

Glitter is Gold - Personalized Treasure Chest

Supplies Needed

  • Cardstock

  • Plastic bag or Saran Wrap

  • Any small shiny gold items you can find, can be paper.

Step-by-Step Process

Treasure chests. Treasure crafts for kids. Saint patricks day crafts for kids. Customizable crafts for kids. Create your own treasure chest. See through treasure chests.
  1. Cut out a rectangle in the card stock the size you want your treasure box to be.

  2. Now fold that rectangle in half and cut out the inside (this will be our window to see the inside of the chest)

  3. Trace this rectangle on another piece of card stock. Draw on the lid of your treasure chest and cut the shape out (this will be the back of your treasure chest)

  4. Trace the rectangle onto your saran wrap or plastic bag, cut this shape out as well.

  5. Tape 3 sides of the saran wrap onto the back of your treasure chest, leaving the top open to add little treasures.

  6. Glue, or tape on the hollowed rectangle, to add a frame to your chest's window.

  7. Have fun creating paper coins and treasures for your treasure chest. And decorate the outside however you like! Let creativity take over.

Saint Patricks Day Craft - Simple Leprechaun Trap

Supplies Needed

Leprechaun trap craft how to. Base of a Leprechaun trap designed as a top hat. Saint Patrick day Crafts for kids. Easy Saint Patrick day crafts.
  • Card stock (preferably green)

  • Cotton balls

  • Yarn

  • Popsicle sticks

  • Decorations (gold coins, clover stickers, glitter, anything you imagine a Leprechaun wanting)

  • Elmers glue or tape

  • Hot glue

Step-by-Step Process


  1. Cut a 8.5" by 11" piece of card stock into a 5" by 11" strip.

  2. Roll into a tube and tape the sides together (you can wrap it landscape or portrait depending on how tall and skinny you want your trap)

  3. Paint a paper plate as the base of your trap.

    1. While you wait for it to dry: Trace the circle created by your tube onto the access card stock. This will be the lid for your trap.

  4. Glue or tape the tube to the new circle to create a top hat without a lid. (this is where the Leprechaun will fall in)

  5. Cut out the circle you traced.

  6. Put tape on one side of the lid, and connect it to your trap.

Now your trap is ready to be accessorized!

Leprechaun trap craft accessories. Decorate your Leprechaun trap easily. Leprechaun trap crafts for kids. Colorful Accessories for Leprechaun traps. Saint Patricks day crafts.



  1. Cut 6-7 pieces of yarn an inch long.

  2. Tape the ends to two different popsicle sticks

  3. Paint the sticks and design them to make it more appealing to a Leprechaun.

Treasure Chest

  1. Crunch a coffee filter, or paper towel up to use as a filler for your treasure chest

  2. Add this to a gold mini baking cup (you can paint it gold if you don't have one)

  3. Add coins, and gold treasures (like shiny pipe cleaners)


  1. Cut out a 1/2 inch piece of card stock.

  2. Color a rainbow onto it.

  3. Add cotton ball clouds onto the taped side of your trap's lid. (this can cover up the tape)

  4. Tape the edge of the rainbow onto the underside of the lid opening. This will allow you to open the trap and check inside!

  5. Add cotton ball clouds to the outside and inside of the rainbow arch. Make sure it can still open and close, so the Leprechaun can fall in.

Mad Scientists - All About Static Electricity

Alright, creative minds, let's talk about something super cool – static electricity!

Imagine this: You know how balloons stick to your hair sometimes?

Well, that's static electricity doing its thing. It's like magic but with science!

How Static Electricity works. Static balloons reacting with hair. Why does hair stick to balloons. Why do balloons make my hair rise. Why do balloons stick to walls.
Diagram of Static Electricity

You see, when you rub a balloon against your hair, it picks up tiny invisible bits called electrons. Now, these electrons make the balloon a little charged, and when you bring it close to your hair, it's like a magnet – the charged balloon attracts your hair. It's like your hair and the balloon become best buddies for a moment. So, next time you're playing with balloons and your hair starts to stand up, just remember, you're witnessing the enchanting world of static electricity in action!

Experiments to Test Static Electricity

Supplies Needed

  • Balloon

  • Dish Soap

  • Water

  • Pencil

  • Water Bottle

Move Bubbles

Static electricity moves bubbles. Teach kids how static electricity works. Blow bubbles on a table, magic bubbles that move balloons.
  1. Mix water and dish soap, then pour onto a table or flat surface.

  2. Using a straw, blow into the soap puddle to create bubbles

Blow bubbles inside bubbles. Fun activity for kids. Blow bubbles on your table.

  1. Rub a blown up balloon on your shirt to collect the tiny electrons that will make your balloon static.

    1. Put the now static balloon near your bubbles and pull away, watch your bubbles move towards your balloon! It's like magic!

Bend water with a balloon. Explanation of Static electricity. Teach kids about static electricity. Red balloon. Water faucet. Magic water.

Bend Water

  1. Turn on a water faucet so there is a small steady stream of water

  2. Make your balloon static by rubbing it on your shirt.

  3. Bend the water by bringing your balloon close to the stream.

move a pencil with a balloon. Magic balloon. Teach static electricity to kids. Balloons move pencils. How static electricity moves pencils.

Moving Pencil

  1. Place a pencil on a water-bottle.

  2. Activate your static electricity by rubbing your balloon on your shirt again.

  3. Put the balloon near one side of the pencil and watch it spin around your bottle.

*the hardest part is balancing your pencil on the cap

Floating Balloon

  1. Rub your balloon on your shirt to collect more electrons.

  2. Try placing it on a wall and moving your hand. It should float there without any help.

Balloons Stick to Walls on Their Own Because of Static Electricity. Static electricity for kids. Learn to stick balloons to wall. Different colored balloons.
Balloons Stick to Walls on Their Own Because of Static Electricity

From crafting shiny leprechaun traps to exploring the enchanting world of static electricity, explore your creativity and ask questions. Every project is valuable, because of your experience. At US and Art, our crafting adventures extend beyond mere projects; they become cherished moments. The experience is the masterpiece. The laughter, messy hands, and creative expression make art valuable. No matter how your projects turn out, value the time you spend expressing yourself and having fun!

Let's face it, crafting at home can sometimes resemble a tornado of glitter and paint, leaving your living room looking like an art supplies explosion. But fear not! At US and Art, we've got your back. Our day camps offer a haven for creativity where the mess stays with us. Imagine a world where your kitchen table isn't a canvas for stray paint splatters, and your floors remain glitter-free. That's the magic of crafting with us – the freedom to let your kids explore their artistic side without worrying about the aftermath. Leave the mess with US and Art, and let's turn crafting into a joyous, mess-free adventure!

Thank you for joining us on this crafting expedition. Remember, with US and Art, creativity knows no bounds, and every project is a masterpiece waiting to happen. Happy crafting!


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