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Sneak Peek at our Summer Semester (Great Summer activities)

As the summer season approaches, teachers at the US Art Studio are buzzing with excitement, preparing to embark on a new semester filled with boundless creativity and artistic exploration. From the youngest Pink Painters to the seasoned participants of our Adult/Senior Intro to the Arts classes, we have curated a diverse range of projects that will engage and inspire students in our Combination, Drawing, and Watercolor classes. In this post we will enlighten you about our exciting upcoming summer classes, projects, and events.


Our Classes

At US and Art we offer CREATIVITY-DRIVEN 9- and 12-week art courses (9 weeks during the summer and 12 weeks during spring and fall) that are 50 minutes once a week, as well as one time classes (Day Camps and Paint Nights). Our class sizes are small, ranging from 5-15 students, giving each student the personalized attention and instruction they need to explore their creativity. All our classes and courses are REPEATABLE. Projects and techniques focused on vary every semester, creating new opportunities for growth and fun.

Book your spot HERE to join us in our journey this upcoming semester!

Looking for a fun 3D project for Summer Activities? Here is the clay we use at our studio!

Below, we will provide an enticing overview of the summer semester projects we have in store for our students, giving a glimpse into the captivating world of art they will soon enter. We will also take a peek at the events and important dates coming up this next semester.

Projects: Our theme for this upcoming semester is "Taste of Summer!"
  1. Mixed Media Magic: Watercolor, Drawing, and Collage- In this "Summer Citrus" project, we'll fuse the enchanting qualities of watercolor with the precise techniques of drawing and collage. Students will explore the interplay between the three mediums, creating vibrant compositions that bring their imaginations to life. By combining the fluidity of watercolors with the fine details of drawing and the endless possibilities of collage, our Pink Painters, Amber Artists, Crimson Creators, and Adult Intro to the Arts classes will unleash their artistic prowess!

  2. Exploring Dimensions: 3D Sculpture with Tin Foil and Plaster Wrap- Creativity knows no boundaries, and in this "Summer Snacks" project, students will venture into the realm of three-dimensional art. Using malleable materials such as tin foil, plaster wrap, and paint, our participants will sculpt captivating forms, breathe life into their ideas, and uncover the possibilities offered by textures, shapes, and forms.

  3. Canvas Chronicles: Acrylic Painting Extravaganza- The blank canvas serves as a gateway to endless possibilities, and in our Combination classes, we will dive into the captivating world of acrylic painting. In this "Taste of Summer" project, students will master techniques, blend colors, and express their artistic vision on canvas. With the guidance of our teachers, they will create stunning artworks that reflect their unique style and narratives.

Drawing Class projects:
  1. Capturing Stillness: The Art of Still Life Drawing- In this "Summer Still Life" project, we'll focus on the fundamentals of drawing, honing our observation skills and attention to detail. Through the exploration of still life arrangements, students will learn to depict form, proportion, shading, and texture. The simple yet captivating subject matter will allow them to delve into the intricacies of drawing, capturing the essence of objects in stunning compositions. Younger Drawing classes will focus on adding some creative magic to their drawings by turning their still life drawings into a comic strip!

  2. Vibrant Expressions: Pastels Unleashed- In this project, students will explore the vibrant world of pastels, a medium known for its rich and intense colors. They will learn techniques to blend and layer these versatile sticks of pigmented goodness, creating visually captivating compositions bursting with life and energy. Adults will be making a lovely "Summer Stained Glass" drawing using the skills they learn in this class.

  3. The Power of Precision: Pen Project- Precision and control (along with some creative doodling) take center stage in this project as students embark on a pen drawing adventure. Students will create intricate patterns, textures, and intricate designs using different types of pens. This project will foster patience, attention to detail, and a deep appreciation for the art of penmanship. We will be making "Summer Zen Pen Picnic" drawings in each of our Drawing classes, which will be fun and relaxing.

Watercolor Class projects:
  1. Nature's Palette: Painting Fruits, Vegetables, and Succulents- In our Watercolor class, students will immerse themselves in the gentle and transparent world of watercolors. They will learn the techniques required to capture the vibrant colors and delicate textures of fruits, vegetables, and succulents. From juicy strawberries to crisp greens, they will paint nature's bounty with fluid brushstrokes, honing their skills in color mixing and capturing the essence of organic subjects.

At the US Art Studio, we are eagerly preparing for an exciting summer semester filled with creativity, exploration, and artistic growth.

Spice up your watercolor paintings with these metallic watercolors!


Other exciting Summer events coming up:
  • Summer courses will BEGIN on Tuesday, May 30th! Book your spot HERE!

    • NO CLASSES (except Day Camps) will run the week of Independence Day (July 4-6th).

  • Fall courses will BEGIN on Tuesday, August 22nd! Book your spot HERE!

  • Day Camps: these fun one-time classes will switch from Saturdays to Mondays, 10 am-12 pm. All ages, including families, are welcome! Click HERE to see all our Day Camp themes for the summer.

  • Paint Night ("Luau" themed): this will be on July 15th, 7-9 pm. Come learn the basics of acrylic painting with your friends, family, and loved ones, and go home with your own masterpiece! Click HERE to book your spot!

  • Taste of the Arts: this event thrown by the Pleasant Grove Arts Commission is coming up on Saturday, May 20th 1-3 pm! Click HERE for more info!

  • Chocolate Paint Nights: these are coming up on Saturdays May 27th, June 24th, July 22nd, and August 26th, 7-9 pm. Everyone, including families, are welcome to come paint with edible paints on a chocolate bar with us at the studio! Click HERE to save your seat!

  • Summer Gala: this will be on Saturday, August 5th. Plan on coming to the studio with your student to view and celebrate all their hard work and creativity! Click HERE to find more info about the Gala.

  • Strawberry Days Parade: this exciting event will happen on Saturday, May 17th! Students are invited to participate, and US and Art will have our very own float and our staff will be dressed up in fun costumes and ready to spread the magic of art to the community! Click HERE for more info!


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