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Magical Paint Night event: Daddy-Daughter night

Need a great gift for fathers day? How about a magical Daddy daughter paint night? Have you heard of our magical monthly Paint Nights? At the US and Art studio we host a series of exciting Paint Night events once a month on Saturdays from 7-9 pm. These events provide a perfect opportunity for families, friends, and strangers to bond and create lasting memories while exploring their artistic talents. Below, we will dive into the enchanting world of a daddy-daughter themed Paint Night at US and Art, highlighting the magical experience, treats, and invaluable painting lessons. It's not only the perfect Fathers Day gift, it's a great activity to start the Summer off with a bang!

2 hour events once a month. Drinks and treats are served
Themed Paint night
Setting the Stage:

Imagine stepping into a vibrant studio, filled with the smell of yummy treats

and the buzz of creativity. US and Art studio is a haven for artistic expression, welcoming people of all ages and skill levels. On Saturday, June 17th the studio space will transform into a magical realm for a special daddy-daughter Paint Night. It doesn't necessarily have to be "daddy-daughter" could be grandpa-granddaughter, uncle-niece, or older brother-younger sister, etc.

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Dad and Daughter walking together to a paint night
Daddy Daughter paint night
The Event:

The daddy-daughter Paint Night at US and Art is a cherished occasion that allows our duos to embark on a delightful artistic journey together. The event begins at 7 pm and lasts for two hours, providing ample time for bonding, laughter, and unleashing the inner artist within.

Themes and Drinks:

Each Paint Night at US and Art is centered around a captivating theme, sparking the imagination and setting the tone for the evening. From whimsical landscapes to adorable animals, there's always a delightful subject to paint. The theme for the daddy-daughter Paint Night might revolve around magical adventures, fairy tales, or a shared interest between our participants. As the creative sparks fly, attendees are treated to a selection of delicious refreshing drinks. Sodas, water, and juice are readily available to keep everyone hydrated and energized.

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Teachers are there to guide you through the whole paint experience
Instructor guided
Instructor-Guided Painting:

A knowledgeable and friendly US and Art instructor guides the participants throughout the painting process. They provide step-by-step instructions, teaching the basics of acrylic or watercolor painting. From selecting the right brushes to mixing colors and applying different techniques, the instructor ensures that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their artistic endeavors. We always encourage creativity at the studio, and of course, having fun! As our US and Art mantra at reminds us: "My art is awesome because I am awesome!"

The Paint Night lessons extend beyond the studio walls, as the instructor emphasizes skills and techniques that can be applied at home. This empowers all our participants to continue exploring their creative sides beyond the Paint Night event.

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Bond as a family, as a couple, as a friend group and so much more
Family Bonding
Family Bonding Time:

Our daddy-daughter Paint Night at US and Art is an enchanting experience that celebrates the bond between fathers and daughters while nurturing artistic expression. From the exciting themed paintings to the delectable treats and knowledgeable instructors, the event provides an opportunity for families to connect, create, and make cherished memories together.

If you're looking for a magical evening filled with art, laughter, and quality time, mark your calendar for the next daddy-daughter Paint Night at US and Art. It's an experience that will leave you inspired and eager to explore the world of art, both within the studio and beyond.

a sign to let you know you can still sign up for some of our classes before late registration closes
3 classes you can still sign up for
Interested in taking a class?

If you or someone you know is interested in taking art classes with us, HERE is where you can book your spot! Our Summer courses began this week and LATE registration will remain open until JUNE 9. Fall registration for classes is open as well. We offer classes for everyone, all skills levels and ages from 3 to 93 yrs old! Join us in an amazing artistic adventure!

Dad's and daughters unite in an awesome paint night
Daddy Daughter

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