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The "Final Project:" Acrylic Painting Project for Kids and Adults

At US and Art, we believe in nurturing creativity and honing artistic skills in kids, teens, and adults. Our Combination art courses (Amber Artists, Crimson Creators, Blue Brushes, and Intro to Art classes) offer a unique opportunity to explore different mediums and techniques throughout the semester. One of the most exciting and rewarding parts of these courses is the Final Project, an acrylic painting project for kids and adults. This special acrylic painting project is a culmination of everything our students have learned about creativity and painting with acrylics over the course of the semester. Join us as we take you through the journey of creating your own "Final Project" acrylic painting.

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In class last week we finished our acrylic paintings
Acrylic painting

Materials Needed:
  • Sketch pad, pencil, and eraser

  • Acrylic paint

  • Canvas (we use canvas boards)

  • Big, medium, and small paint brushes

  • Paint palette

  • Paper towels

  • Water cup

Sketch out your plan for your painting with a pencil. Label the background and foreground for your painting.
Step 1: Brainstorming and Planning

Step 1: Brainstorming and Planning

The Final Project kicks off with a collective brainstorming session in which students come together as a class to explore ideas and concepts related to the theme for the semester. This semester's theme was "Taste of Summer," for example. During this session, students share their individual visions, and as a group, they collaborate to generate a variety of creative concepts for their paintings. It's a delightful mix of imagination and inspiration.

Once ideas have been explored, the students sketch out their individual concepts, taking care to label different parts of their sketches with the intended colors. This planning phase is essential as it helps students visualize the flow of their paintings and ensures they have a clear direction for their creative journey.

Paint in layers, starting with your background, wait for it to dry, then paint your middle ground, then foreground.
Steps 2 and 3: Painting layers, Background, Middle Ground, and Foreground
Step 2: Learning About Painting in Layers, Background First!

The next step is where the magic of acrylic painting unfolds. Students are introduced to the concept of painting in layers. They begin by focusing on the background of their painting, what lies BEHIND everything else. They identify and label the background in their sketch. They learn techniques to create a harmonious and captivating backdrop that complements the theme. This process encourages students to experiment with blending colors, creating textures, and capturing the essence of the theme in their art.

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Step 3: Painting the Middle Ground and Foreground

As the students become comfortable with painting in layers, they move on to the middle ground and foreground of their artwork—the elements that stand IN FRONT of everything else. With careful consideration of composition and perspective, they add depth and dimension to their paintings. Working their way from back to middle and front, students bring their artworks to life, incorporating the vibrancy of the theme into every brushstroke. The beautiful thing about acrylic paint is: when you make a mistake, just paint over it!

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Paint in layers, starting with your background, then middle ground (covering up mistakes with paint as you go), then foreground.
Painting in layers

The Final Project at US and Art's Combination art courses is a testament to the growth and creativity of our students. Using the theme for the semester as a guide, they embark on a journey of imagination and skill, planning and executing their acrylic paintings with precision and passion. The process of brainstorming, planning, and painting in layers enhances their artistic capabilities, allowing them to express their unique visions of the vibrant season of summer.

As the semester draws to a close, the Final Project becomes a cherished keepsake, capturing not only the essence of summer but also the progress and achievements of our students' artistic endeavors. Join us as we celebrate the wonderful world of creativity through the Final Project—a canvas that echoes the joys of art and the essence of the season.

Creating magic through acrylic painting
Creating magic through acrylic painting

Sneak a peak below at our Final Project process!

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