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Kids and Adults Classes and Experiences

One-time classes OPEN Saturdays
course registration Opens in May

Rebekah King

We love this place! My daughter has been a part of their homeschool class over the last year and has had so much fun! The teachers are fun and always excited to see the kids come in the door. The gala at the end of the semester was fantastic as well- it was so fun to see everybody’s artwork they’ve worked on!
“I took the adult watercolor class and absolutely loved it. I learned a lot but mostly just gained the confidence to make art!”
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Hilary Wheeler

Such a fun place to have a party and the owners were so great to work with! We chose a theme for the party and they came up with a painting based on our theme. My five year old struggled with her painting and got emotional. One of the owners sat down with her and spent lots of time with her, helped her fix a mistake, encouraged her, and was so patient. I would recommend parties and classes here to anyone!
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