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US and Art Courses: What do we do at the Art studio

Registration Opens March 1st

Have you been wondering who we are and what we do at US and Art? Are you thinking about exploring your own creativity and artistic skills?

(Registration for Summer AND Fall semesters is opening on March 1st!)

Here are a few facts about US and Art to get you started!

  • US and Art Mission Statement: Improve ourselves and our community through creativity and kindness

  • The "US" in US and Art stands for "Unicorns Sprinkles!" Makes sense if you've ever been to our studio! We make our studio a safe, positive place where everyone can feel comfortable and confident discovering their inner artist. We train our teachers and assistants to respond to questions and concerns with love and care.

  • Our classes are creativity-based, which means we put creativity over everything else, including technique (although we also teach technique). Overall we want to help our students build confidence in themselves and discover their own unique art styles. We provide examples for what projects CAN be and then push students to make their projects their own.

  • We teach SEVERAL mediums, including drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting, paper crafting/collage, clay, and more!

art classes, kid art classes, adult art classes
what art classes do we have at the studio?

  • Each semester has its own theme. All projects and the gala are all based around the theme. We do this to create a direction for our students' creativity to be channeled.

  • Students create a "final project" each semester, which is a culmination of their work from the entire semester. They design their own painting masterpiece from start to finish. As we encourage their creativity throughout the semester, students are more prepared to challenge themselves in their final pieces.

US and Art combination art classes teach drawing, painting, paper crafting/collage, clay, and more!
US and Art Combination Art Classes

Our Combination courses (Pink Painters, Amber Artists, Crimson Creators, and Blue Brushes) dip into drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting, and paper crafting/collage. During our longer Spring and Fall courses we also do clay. These classes are great if you are interested in being introduced to a variety of media.

US and Art Drawing classes explore many kinds of drawing tools and techniques.
US and Art Drawing Classes

  • Our Specific Focus courses (Drawing, Watercolor, and Acrylic) dive into specific mediums. Drawing class explores creative and realistic drawing and composition with graphite, charcoal, colored pencils, and pastels. Our Watercolor and Acrylic painting classes learn the basics of painting and composition along with landscapes, flowers, animals, and more. These classes are a great option if you are excited about diving deeper into a specific medium.

  • All our courses are REPEATABLE! Even if you took a beginner course twice, you

acrylic painting art class
New techniques every semester

would make different projects and explore different techniques and processes. We rotate out techniques and create new projects that match our theme for the semester. This makes our classes repeatable and gives us as teachers the opportunity to create as well.

  • Our classes generally ascend in age and skill level. Our students learn basic, foundational skills in our beginner courses (Beginning Drawing, Watercolor and Acrylic, Pink Painters and Amber Artists), and then build upon those skills in the advanced courses (Advanced Drawing, Crimson Creators, and Blue Brushes). For example, our Pink Painters and Amber Artists focus on "draw light til you know it's right" with pencils and "rinse, wipe, blot" with paint brushes. Crimson Creators and Blue Brushes review these important skills and then dive more into shading and mixing and blending paint colors.

watercolor paintings art class
Repeatable courses

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