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Paint Nights: Chocolate or not?

Paint Nights and Parties at US and Art are full of magic and adventure! With the driving force of each of our events being creativity you are sure to find some fun here at the studio. Why Creativity? Creativity has been shown to improve mental health. At US and Art we believe those who improve their mental health together, stay together😉 We encourage every group-young and old- to utilize this skill and improve their own mental health. Our paint nights and parties always overflow with fun, laughter, and creativity.

Here are 4 options to experiencing your own Paint Night at our studio:

1. Sign up for a one-time Themed Paint Night. These events happen on Friday evenings at 7-9pm. We have a "Spring into Flowers" Paint Night coming up on April 15! Themed Paint Nights include:
  • 2 hours of fun and guided instruction through an acrylic or watercolor painting.

Acrylic paintings or watercolor paintings happen at US and Art paint nights
We paint either an acrylic or watercolor painting at our paint nights
  • All supplies included. Apron, canvas, paints, paint brushes.

  • Special themes (Dress up or come as your are!)

  • Special drinks/treats to fit the theme

  • Only $35 a person

Interested in honing your painting skills? Book your spot in one of our Summer or Fall art courses coming up!

US and Art Chocolate Paint Nights include edible paints, 2 hours of fun, entertainment and dessert in one, and only $39 dollars per guest. Next one happening on March 25
US and Art Chocolate Paint Nights
2. These happen once a month, every 4th Saturday from 7-9pm. Our next Chocolate Paint Night is coming up on March 25th! They include:
  • "Unleash your inner artist and satisfy your sweet tooth with our Edible Paint Night! Indulge in delicious chocolate bars as your canvas and create edible masterpieces that are almost too beautiful to eat. Get creative, get messy, and let your imagination run wild with every brush stroke. Join us for a night of painting and chocolate indulgence like no other!"

Birthday paint parties include up to 10 guests, 2 hours of fun, pick your own theme, and a variety of package options.
US and Art Birthday Paint Parties
3. Let's paint the town red (or any color you choose🌈) Our Paint Party is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Whether it's a

-birthday bash

-bridal shower

-girls night out

-or anything you can think of

  • Our parties have something for everyone. With multiple options to choose from, you can pick your party theme and painting style to create a truly personalized experience. Our expert instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your masterpiece is one-of-a-kind. Join us for 2 hours of creativity, laughter, and fun that you'll never forget!

  • All packages include supplies needed for painting a masterpiece from start to finish. Aprons, canvas', paint, paint brushes.

  • Cake, and other extras are NOT part of most packages but can be brought into the studio as part of your event

US and Art corporate events include each team member painting a masterpiece and bonding as a team
US and Art Corporate events
4. Book your own Corporate Event! These are available to book on the US and Art website as well. They include:
  • 2 hours of guided instruction for your team through a watercolor or acrylic painting of your choice (A form will be emailed upon booking). Everyone goes home with a masterpiece. You also get to choose your own theme.

  • You can choose from various party packages when you book. These packages include different sizes, such as 0-10, 11-15, or 16-20 team members. If you have a team larger than 20 and would still like to book an event with us, please reach out. We can host up to 30 guests at one time.

  • All packages include the supplies needed for painting a masterpiece from start to finish. Aprons, canvas', paint, and paint brushes.

  • Food is NOT included but may be brought into the studio as part of your event.

  • A whole lot of laughter as your team bonds over painting!

US and Art is our favorite place!
US and Art is our favorite place! :)

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