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  • When is registration?
    Spring registration opens up the first week of November Summer registration opens up the first week of March Fall registration opens up the first week of April (It is separated into a FALL CLASSES tab and not divided by ages until the first week of May when it opens up on the rest of the website)
  • How much does it cost?
    NON-discounted and Late Registration = Includes classes, all in-class Supplies and GALA 9 Week Course $207 ---- 12 Week Course $267 (Early bird coupons available for those who register early. Text EARLYBIRD to (205) 696-8846 to see if you qualify for $20 off registration for our courses.) **Paint nights and one time classes vary in price and be found on their individual pages Day camps are $30 a guest for a single day OR purchase a subscription for $60 a month that includes as many as you would like to join each month.
  • How long is a semster?
    Summer semester runs form June- August (3 months) 9 weeks Fall Semester runs from September- December (4 Months) 12 weeks Spring Semester runs from January-April (4 Months) 12 weeks
  • What do you do in class?
    Our focus is on creativity first and foremost, so our classes are designed to help you unleash your creative potential all while honing your skills In our combination classes (Pinks, Ambers, Crimsons, Blue, INTRO) Our goal is to provide exposure to a variety of mediums to teach more about the creative process. We use acrylic paint, watercolor, crafting supplies, drawing, etc. In our single focus classes we only use one medium to create art. We offer Watercolor or Drawing at this time. All supplies for class are provided, so students can focus on their creativity without worrying about anything else. Additionally, we focus on celebrating our own successes and honoring our creative growth with positivity.
  • Can me or my child repeat a class?
    ABSOLUTELY! All our classes are designed with new techniques and projects each semester so you will be able to grow and develop new talents in each class.
  • Does my child need previous classes or art experience?
    No. We accept students of all skill levels. Our main goal is to get kids creating and having fun artistic experiences.
  • Do you have make-up classes?
    We do not. However each semester we have special days where students are able to catch up on projects that they either missed or got behind on.
  • Where are you located?
    We are in Pleasant Grove, Utah. 45 South Main Street Unit 101
  • I have 2 kids and want them to be in the same class, is that an option?
    YES! We love having siblings. If you are putting siblings together please put them in the younger age class so the younger sibling can keep up. If the age difference is large we recommend separating your children into their own classes. There is also a sibling discount for $15 off. SIBLING15
  • Can my student repeat a class the next semester?
    Yes! The ciriculum for class is different each semester so repeating a class will continue to help them progress in their skill and their creativity. In fact, we recommend you repeat classes.
  • Do you offer discounts or have a scholarship program?
    Yes! If you are in need of assistance, email and she will send you a form to apply for a scholarship for discounted tuition. In addition, if you are a subscriber to our site, you can get the latest news and discounts on classes. Emails are sent every Monday with the fun things happening at the studio
  • Do you do parties?
    We sure do! BASIC PARTY PACKAGE 2 hour party for 0-5 children ($150) 2 hour party for 6-10 children ($200) Each additional child = $25 (All parties include the supplies needed for painting a masterpiece from start to finish, Aprons, canvas', paint, brushes are all provided. - Cake, and other extras are NOT part of the package but can be brought into the studio as part of your event) BONUS PARTY PACKAGE (Additional $50) Your choice colored tablecloths, table runners, and table decorations to match the color theme. FANCY PARTY PACKAGE (Additional $75) Includes everything in BONUS Party Package as well as: Balloons , colored plates and cups (that match your color theme) for guests to eat and drink. (Food not included) and an allergy friendly treat/sucker for each guest shaped as a paint palette. MASTERPIECE PARTY PACKAGE (Additional $100) Includes everything in BONUS, and FANCY as well as: Gift bags for all of your guests with allergy friendly treats and party favors, A take home Art kit for the Birthday Child, and a coupon for a BOGO Paint night for Mom and Dad (or anyone else) to return on a different date and spoil themselves. (Subject to availability. Client chooses booking and may book in advance as far as 3 months)
  • My son wants to take but is afraid he will be the only boy.
    Boys are welcome and encouraged to take our classes. We typically have at least one boy in all of our classes and have sometimes had more boys than girls in a class.
  • Do you offer make-up classes for your courses?
    We offer in class make-up time. It is something we plan into our curriculum as we know how busy life can get and want our students to get the most out of class. If you or your student needs additional time outside of our planned curriculum you can purchase a Day camp pass and come during one of our day camps (Saturdays during school/Mondays during summer) to work on your projects.
  • What's the difference between and day camp and a course?
    Day camps are a one time activity. They take place on Saturdays during the school year and on Mondays during summer. They are open to all ages* but are geared towards 6-12 year olds. Each camp is themed and a craft and painting are typically made. In our courses, students come to the studio once a week for several weeks. We have classes that last for nine weeks in the summer and twelve weeks in the fall and spring. The classes are divided into groups based on age and at the end of the semester, we have a special event called a GALA. It's a big party where friends and family are invited to celebrate all the hard work done in class. Because we have more time in these longer classes, we can explore more and are able to work on more in depth projects.
  • Is there a way to pay in smaller parts, instead of all at once?"
    Absolutely! at checkout you can use Afterpay to break your payment down into 4 smaller payments
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