What is our mission?

To bring Joy through creativity

At US and ART we believe that creativity is an essential part of life. As more and more schools are dropping their Art programs and more and more adults are forgetting to smile at the small things, we are striving to keep creativity thriving. Each class, each kit, each party is another opportunity to smile a little brighter, to stretch a little freer and to live a little more creatively. 

My Story

I started this business several years ago out of my home. I cleared off my kitchen counter and invited neighborhood children to come paint with me. It started out small and quickly grew. Children from miles away were joining my waitlist. I could tell that people were searching for something that didn't exist.

That is when I turned my basement apartment into an art studio and hired extra teachers, but it didn't stop there. We quickly outgrew the basement and found an amazing location on Main Street in Pleasant Grove. Now we sell kits, do Art parties and of course teach our incredible students art classes.

From the very beginning, one of my favorite parts of class has been the Gala's. At the end of each course or semester we have a giant party and invite friends and family to enjoy their children's artwork. It is an amazing experience where every child gets the opportunity to feel like a real artist. In the words of Picasso, "Every child is an artist" and I am so grateful I get to help children believe it!   -Miss Emily

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