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6-8 year olds

 We offer creativity driven 9 and 12 week courses that are 50 minutes once a week. As well as one time classes (Day camps and Paint nights) Our class sizes are small, giving each student the personalized attention and instruction they need to explore their creativity.

ALL of our courses are repeatable! Projects and techniques taught vary every semester, creating new opportunities for growth

The course price includes the entire course and all supplies needed for in class use.

Fall calendar of classes
AMBER summe

Courses run in semesters. Each semester, students come once a week (50 minutes) for several weeks to complete projects such as: acrylic paintings, watercolor, clay modeling (Varies and may be switched for other mediums), craft projects, and more. Semesters end with an Art Gala, where friends and family are invited to come and see the student's artwork on display. Classes are separated into age groups.

Pink Painters): 3-5 year olds

(Amber Artists): 6-8 year olds

(Crimson Creators): 9-11 year olds

(Blue Brushes): 12-17 year olds

Elites: 10-17 year olds

Adults: 18+

Senior: 50+

Creativity is our number 1 priority. In our classes, you and your student will be encouraged to think outside the box and explore new ideas. We do not make cookie cutter projects. Instead, we want each artist to find the unique way they see things and empower them in their strengths. If you or your student is ready to have fun and try new things please consider  signing up for an Art class here at the studio.

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